Why is a Routine Vet Visit So Important?

Why is a Routine Vet Visit So ImportantYou wouldn’t disregard your own health checkups, so why should your pet? Routine veterinarian visits are one way to monitor your pet’s health. While pet insurance may provide coverage, it is critical to understand that it does not cover all aspects of a pet’s health, but rather those that the company deems necessary. This ensures that your pet receives ongoing comprehensive and preventive care. Pets are considered family members and should be treated as such. A routine veterinarian visit assists them in maintaining this status while you monitor their diet, exercise, and supplementation.

Your pet is a member of your family.

When a pet requires medical attention, it is critical to seek care as soon as possible – and not just so the animal can resume its previous activity. A veterinarian visit is about more than administering medication to your pet or administering a shot to prevent infection.

Our clinic believes that your pet is a family member. When something is wrong, you want to be able to trust us, your veterinarian, and our team to diagnose the problem and make treatment recommendations – not just a prescription for antibiotics or expensive surgery.

That is why preventative veterinary care is critical: Our team will become acquainted with your pet and will be able to provide customized advice and treatment recommendations based on recent medical history and ongoing health concerns.

Pets can receive the same preventative care as you.

In some cases, it’s beneficial to know the cost of the checkup in advance. However, even if you do not own a pet, routine veterinary care is critical for the health of your dog or cat. Certain dogs require vaccinations annually, while others require them every three years. Certain cats require annual vaccinations, while others are only at risk for certain diseases and must be treated as soon as symptoms appear.

Other pets may require annual wellness examinations to maintain their health and well-being. For instance, routine veterinarian visits can help prevent the spread of heartworms in your dog or cat. Cats that live in close proximity to children require an annual eye exam to monitor their vision. Additionally, flea control is frequently required for dogs and cats that spend time outside.

You should consider the following routine veterinarian visits as part of your dog’s or cat’s health care:


Dogs and cats should receive all necessary vaccinations as soon as possible following their initial vaccination. Our clinic strives to provide affordable immunizations and other preventive services.

If your pet is at risk due to the environment in which he or she spends the majority of his or her time (for example, a backyard dog who spends part of the day outside), heartworm testing is recommended.

Pets need routine and preventative care just like you do.

Routine and preventative care is essential for both pets and people. Assume that your veterinarian is neglecting your pet’s requirements.

The most important component of everyday pet care is prevention. Even if your pet is healthy, you should keep an eye out for health issues and address them promptly.

However, if your pet is unwell, you must begin treatment immediately to avoid irreversible damage. While caring for a sick dog might be a lot of effort, especially if you’re home all day with it, our veterinarian will know which meds work best for symptom management and which are a waste of money.

A routine veterinarian visit is an important part of keeping your pet healthy and happy. Proper health maintenance enables you to spend more time caring for your pet, and there are numerous options for determining how frequently you should bring them in for an examination.

2nd Street Animal Hospital can assist you in maintaining your pet’s optimal health! For more information please contact us today.

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